Harry Potter and the Closet Under the Stairs: Coming Out in the Wizarding World

Lauren Marie Capaccio


It has been over a decade since author Joanne Kathleen Rowling first charmed audiences worldwide with the magic and mystery of her esteemed Harry Potter series, and yet enthusiasm for the books has not waned in the years since their initial release: even after the seventh and final installment of HP hit bookshelves in the summer of 2007, the frenzy over the young wizard continues to reach new heights. HP is what is known as a wainscot fantasy, one that takes place parallel to our world and at times even interacts with it, and inarguably some of Rowlings fame is owing to her ability to construct a story that seamlessly blends elements of fantasy, history, and cultural myth with the modern world, creating a series that eschews easy genre classification while still remaining within the realm of her readers prototypical concepts of reality (Le Lievre). ...

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