A Letter to the Government of the UC System: A Plea for Change

Veronica Smith


            I was sitting at breakfast yesterday in one of the dining halls on campus, and I heard a very upsetting conversation taking place between two women at the table next to me. These students were discussing their inability to get the classes they needed to complete their majors. All the classes that the students needed were full, and their chances of getting into the classes from a wait list were slim to none. This conversation is one that can be heard all over the UCSB campus. I am sure that it is being heard across all the UC campuses. Students of all grade levels are expected almost to battle one another online, vying for the very few spaces that are available in classrooms. There are fewer qualified teachers to lead engaging classes, fewer staff members to help students understand the complicated bureaucracy, and, finally, more students eager to learn and go out into the world with a diploma from a first class research institution. We students, as a whole, are paying more for less from the UC System. . . .

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